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SLI Cultivar Checklist

New Checklist on CD

The SLI Louisiana Iris Checklist is now on CD! The CD checklist is illustrated with photos of many of the cultivars and it can be displayed in three formats. The CD checklist has a powerful search feature that allows you to search the checklist by cultivar attributes such as name, date of introduction, hybirdizer, parentage and much more.

The checklist lists names, descriptions, breeder/introducer and parentage of iris cultivars from the 1920's through the present. The iris are grouped by year of registration and/or introduction.

The CD will cost $10 for delivery to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Australia, New Zealand and other countries not mentioned: $12.00
Please send payment in U.S. funds, checks or money orders, to SLI. These prices include shipping and the cost of the CD.

Order from:
Bobbie Ann Hutchins, Treasurer
10319 Caddo Lake Rd.
Mooringsport, LA 71060

How to Use the Checklist on CD

Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale

Printed Checkist

SLI Checklist (3-Ring Punched) This is the 2001 Supplement to the Original SLI Checklist and features a complete list of the Louisiana iris cultivars from pre-1930 to 2000. The printed checklist is useful at iris shows or out in the garden. So, order yours TODAY, it will not be reprinted once quantities are gone.

Was $20 is now on sale for $10 (free postage and handling)

Checks payable to SLI

Order from:
Richard Sloan, SLI Treasurer
118 E. Walnut Ave.
Alma, AR 72921

Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale

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