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The Society for Louisiana Irises is pleased to announce the release of our brand latest book!

can be purchased from the Society for Loisiana Iris. SLI for $30 (includes shipping)
Order from:
Bobbie Ann Hutchins, Treasurer
10319 Caddo Lake Rd.
Mooringsport, LA 71060

    Title:  The Louisiana Iris: The Taming of a Native American Wildflower
    Author:  The Society for Louisiana Irises
    Contributing Editors: Marie Caillet, J. Farron Campbell, Kevin C. Vaughn, and Dennis Vercher
    ISBN:  0-88192-477-6 Details:  254 pp, 111 color photos, 5 watercolors, 21 b/w photos, 14 line drawings, 11 tables , 7 x 10", hardcover,
    Copyright:   2000

    Description & Press Release:  This is a revised edition of the first complete reference published on Louisiana irises, the five species of Iris in section Hexagonae. These beardless irises are endemic to the United States, with their center of distribution in Louisiana. They first drew attention because of the enormous number of their natural hybrids; this propensity for hybridization led to the development of today’s spectacular range of colors and forms.

    These irises have proved adaptable to a wide range of soils and climates, needing only sun, ample water, and a more-or-less neutral soil to thrive. They can be grown in beds with annuals and other perennials, and many are happiest in boggy settings that recall their native swamps and marshes. They are now grown in temperate areas worldwide, and with their diversity of size, form, and color are suitable for almost any garden setting.

    This authoritative treatment by The Society for Louisiana Irises is based on the first edition published by the Society in 1988, but it is considerably expanded. It covers every aspect of the history, botany, and development of these distinctive irises, with particular emphasis on the newest hybrids, hybridizing techniques, and cultural practices, and also includes suggestions for their use in the landscape and in floral arrangements. It should serve to introduce a wider gardening public to these most colorful and versatile flowers.

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