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Tarnished Brass

Archived Articles with color photos from Fleur de Lis Magazine and its predecessor, the Society for Louisiana Irises Newsletter

Society for Louisian Iris members recieve Fleur de Lis four times a year. How to join the Society for Louisiana Iris

Adobe Acrobat is required to view most of these except where noted.

Fall 2007: Two beautifully illustrated excerpts Fleur de Lis Summer 2007 Fleur de Lis Spring 2007 Fleur de Lis Summer 2006 Fleur de Lis Spring 2006 Fleur de Lis Summer 2005 Newsletter Winter 2004 Newsletter Spring 2003 Newsletter Winter 2003 Newsletter Fall 2003 Newsletter Summer 2003 Newsletter Winter 2002 Newsletter Fall 2002 Newsletter
To view the Tour Garden Revisted, Finders Keepers and Peter Jacksonarticles, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded at no charge from Adobe's website

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Top Photos from the Fall, 2002 Newsletter

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