As of 1993 the Society for Louisiana Irises becomes a Cooperating Society of the American Iris Society. This represents a merger of LISA (Louisiana Iris Society of America) with SLI which was approved by the AlS Board at the Fall, 1992 meeting. Maintaining two separate organizations devoted to Louisiana irises has become increasingly difficult and necessitated this action. The USA organization is being dissolved and all USA members are offered membership in the SLI-Cooperating Society with credit for dues paid to USA. A letter of welcome is included in this Newsletter (see page 4), and explains how memberships will be transferred. 
We believe this action will enhance our activities, improve efficiency and eliminate confusion associated with having two separate Louisiana iris organizations. There are absolutely no new obligations placed on SLI members as a result of the merger. The term "Cooperating Society" means just what the name implies. SLI and it's members are urged to cooperate with AIS in it's objectives and activities in every way possible. Many "goodies" for Louisiana irises and SLI can result from this arrangement. 
One result is to significantly increase SLI membership. There are more than 200 LISA members who we hope will establish a lasting relationship with SLI. There are many benefits. All who are able to do so will find attending the annual SLI Convention an experience beyond their fondest expectations. The 1993 Convention including the annual meeting, show and many other activities will be the weekend of April 16-18. All details are given in this Newsletter. 
Close association with AIS should greatly enhance the activities base of SLI. The AIS has more than 8000 members, and all SLI members, whether or not they belong to AIS, should be aware of this. It means increased publicity. But it implies a responsibility for SLI members to write articles for the AIS Bulletin. These articles have increased in recent years but there is still a long way to go. Better yet, if you are not a member of AIS, consider joining. It is entirely voluntary, but increased AIS membership will allow us more AIS judges and more input into the AIS Awards for Louisiana irises.
Editor's Note:  This article appeared in the SLI Newsletter in the March 1993 edition.