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The judges of the American Iris Society, voting the official ballot for 2019, have selected the following irises for awards:

The Dykes Medal

'Bottle Rocket', Tall Bearded Iris, by Michael Sutton with 29 votes out of 378 votes cast

The Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal (MSDM) - 126 votes cast

'Dark Dude' by Ron Betzer with 24 votes

'Lemon Zest' by Kevin Vaughn with 24 votes

'Michigan Belle' by Jill Copeland with 24 votes

Runners Up for MSDM:

'Blue Splatter' by Wayland Rudkin with 16 votes

'Seminole Moon' by Harry Wolford with 14 votes

'Gris Gris' by Patrick O'Connor with 12 votes

'Southern Star' by Heather Pryor with 12 votes

Louisiana Irises - Award of Merit - 209 votes cast

'Rooster' by Ron Betzer with 46 votes

'Melody Wilhoit' by Hooker Nichols with 45 votes

Runners Up for Award of Merit:

'Lady of Lometa' by Jim Landers with 17 votes

'Reverchon Snowfall' by Hooker Nichols with 15 votes

'Gulf Coast Beaches' by Hooker Nichols with 13 votes

'Earline Sudduth' by Harry Wolford with 11 votes

'Kakadu Sunset' by Heather Pryor with 10 votes

Louisiana Irises - Honorable Mention - 374 votes cast

'Eyes Wide Open' by Heather Pryor with 19 votes

'Memories of Melody' by Jill Copeland with 19 votes

'Changing Shadows' by Pat M. Norvell with 18 votes

'Katrina Rising' by Patrick O'Connor with 18 votes

'Late for the Party' by Joseph Musacchia with 14 votes

'Little Gangster' by Hooker Nichols with 14 votes

'Rougaroux' by Josephn Musacchia with 14 votes

Runners Up for Honorable Mention

'Queen of Soul' by Hooker Nichols with 11 votes

'Cajun Copper Baby' by Jim Hedgecock with 9 votes

'Dick Sloan' by Kevin Vaughn with 9 votes

'Mardi Gras Mambo by Joseph Musacchia with 9 votes

'Mary Jo' by Joseph Musacchia with 9 votes

'Norah Jane' by Patrick O'Connor with 9 votes

'Toffee Kiss' by Joseph Musacchia with 9 votes