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Membership Information

H ow to join SLI:

Membership Brochure

To join or renew your membership, send the membership brochure with dues or your name, address, phone number and email address with dues to:

    Ron Killingsworth, Treasurer
    10329 Caddo Lake Rd.
    Mooringsport, LA 71060

Or contact Ron Killingsworth via email at

Checks should be made payable to SLI.


The membership year:  Memberships are staggered beginning with the quarter in which dues are paid.

The American Iris Society:
The Society for Louisiana Irises is a cooperating society within the American Iris Society. However, membership in AIS is not a part of SLI membership. SLI encourages all its members to join the American Iris Society. Learn more about AIS membership here or at

Memorial and Gifts:
The Society for Louisiana Irises invites everyone to give memorial gifts in the names of deceased people, and gifts in honor of living people, and are are accepted with gratitude by the Society. Acknowledgements will be sent to both the honoree and the donor.
Gifts of this nature should be sent to the
SLI Treasurer, Ron Killingsworth, 10329 Caddo Lake Rd., Mooringsport, LA 71060.

Please send Memorial Gifts to Ron Killingsworth at the above address, and enclose a note indicating for whom the contribution is made. A gift will be acknowledged in the Newsletter unless expressly requested otherwise.


SLI is a cooperating organization of the American Iris Society at:

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